Family Mediation is a facilitative, flexible and effective process for dispute resolution in any dispute not requiring a judicial, third party determination or the need to go to court. At its core, family mediation empowers both sides in a conflict to communicate effectively about their feeling and interests, come to a mutual agreement, without ceding decision-making to the courts. Facilitative mediation is conducted to give individuals space and time to communicate openly about their feelings and interests in the conflict they are experiencing. It can even help separate the personal and business relationships that may exist with some family business disputes.

Family Mediation Disputes

Family mediation allows you to make an agreement that fits your needs and requirements. It allows you to be directly involved in a solution.

If you and a spouse have chosen to separate, everyone can save a lot of heartache and money if both agree on key issues prior to filing paperwork. Pre-divorce mediation helps everyone make decisions in a safe and respectful manner that will result in the best outcome for all parties.
Custody and Parenting Plans
Family disputes involving children do not belong in court. It is best that the individuals decide for themselves what arrangements will work best for their family during and after divorce.
Disputes in paternity arie in cases involving child support, adoption, inheritance, custody and visitation, health care and other issues.
Parents/teen issues
Helping teens cope with parents divorcing can be particularly sensitive. It’s important to have them have their feelings and thoughts heard while helping them work through their emotions respectfully.
Eldercare Decisions
Families who are struggling to agree upon the continued care of their elder/terminally ill loved ones.

Family Mediation Benefits

  • Avoid litigation
  • Save money
  • Increase communication skills
  • Gain conflict resolution skills
  • Empower yourself and others

Getting started with Family Mediation

We offer initial coaching consultation free of charge via telephone or Skype. Contact us now and we pledge to schedule an initial consultation via telephone or Skype within the next 2 days. You can also book time directly by clicking here. Parties may find pre-mediation coaching useful to understand how the process will work and all are prepared to work out their disagreements. Worksheets are provided so individuals can gather the information they need in order to understand themselves and communicate effectively. A Memorandum of Understanding listing agreements and unresolved issues is provided at the end of every session.

Family mediation is provided in-person throughout King and Pierce County, WA. Individuals can choose from one of the following meeting locations throughout the South end of the Puget Sound.

  • South Seattle family mediation
  • Tacoma family mediation
  • Renton family mediation
  • Issaquah family mediation
  • Bellevue family mediation

Settlement Conferences & Special Considerations

Settlement conferences are offered to individuals who are both represented by an attorney and those who are not. Contact us to further discuss settlement conference options available to you and your clients.

If there is a no contact order or protection order in place please advise us when scheduling mediation. Skype is used for individual that needs to join any session by phone.

Facilitated co-mediation with an additional mediator who is a experienced practicing family law attorney is available when requested or deemed necessary by the mediator. Fees do increase with additional mediators present.