Conflict in business is often a part of change–and things are always changing. In family business disputes, a facilitated meeting is more appropriate with the individuals involved before the level of conflict reaches potential court action and the need for mediation.

Who is it for?

Facilitated meetings are for family businesses that are ready and willing to remove barriers to change, improve productivity and harmony in the workplace, or to renew commitment to personal objectives and interests. Business facilitation is commonly used to address conflict around:

  • Employee interpersonal disputes
  • Uncertainty surrounding the sale or acquisition of a business
  • Realignment of a business model
  • Accelerated growth and change
  • Inefficiency and productivity in processes and operations
  • Financial viability & uncertainty
  • Culture and employee relationship improvement
  • Restructuring of people and or processes


A facilitated meeting gives individuals a better understanding of self, others and the issues and hand to improve communication and collaboration between individuals and relationships with others. This approach allows family business owners and organizations to set their intentions for the business in alignment with their own culture, values, goals, and exit plan.

  • Build healthy communities
  • Increase social capital
  • Repair harm
  • Increase authentic communication
  • Restore relationships


We use restorative practices in business facilitations. As a facilitator I work with the individual’s in a group to understand their issues and goals, to define and implement a framework that will guide the group of individuals, ensuring that:

  • There is effective participation and communication
  • Individuals achieve a mutual understanding
  • All contributions are considered and included
  • All individuals take shared responsibility for the outcome

My role during facilitation is to guide individuals through a process that will provide feedback to the individuals. I will also record plans and action items as well as insure review of plans and actions are incorporated for continued follow up.