Family disputes involving children in divorce do not belong in court, and avoiding litigation and using divorce mediation is the best way to help your children through a divorce.

Your children in divorce are well aware of an ongoing family dispute. By using divorce mediation or divorce coaching, I will help you understand the impact it has on them, how to reduce their involvement and ways to strengthen your relationship during and after divorce. Research tells us that children of divorce will not have any lasting negative effects on their social, emotional and physical health depending on the choices and behaviors of their parents or caregivers during and after a family conflict.

Long term conflict is reduced when people decide for themselves what arrangements will work best for their family during and after divorce. Children in divorce do well when they have a good relationship with both parents or caregivers. The key being the adults are able get along and are emotionally stable.

Conflicts between parents and children are more emotionally and sensitive when during a divorce. I am trained and experienced in working with children in divorce and parents to have their feelings and thoughts heard while helping them work through their emotions respectfully.

Effects Children in Divorce

  • Children need both their parents even if they don’t live in the same house. High conflict between parents is one of the most damaging long-term experiences for children.
  • Parents decisions and behaviors make the largest difference in the long term effects divorce has on your children.
  • Divorce can have the following effects on children if they experience high levels of continued conflict from both parents.
    • Physical effects – They are more likely to experience health problems
    • Emotional effects – They are more likely make and engage in high risk behaviors when exposed to prolonged family conflict
    • Social effects – They are more likely to not finish school, earn less and have unstable relationships

I have over 10 years of experiencing helping families children through conflict with training and application in clinical psychology, counseling, mediation and spirituality.We will work on how to identify signs of distress and develop strategies for your children to handle the effects divorce. I will show you how to cultivate emotional awareness to reduce conflict in your family.

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