Learn to Manage Conflict in a Positive Way

Conflict is a part of life, it is a healthy part of interpersonal relationships. We are all unique, from these differences conflict arise when we feel a threat to our values, ideas, or desires. Conflict triggers strong emotional feelings, their is a need within a person to feel safe, secure, valued and respected.

Do you want to increase conflict management skills for your team?

Where we start depends on the conflict, the skills you would like to work on and how many people are on your team. We begin with a 60 minute introductory conflict analysis to assess your needs and create a plan to increase your teams conflict management skills.

Contact Levi McMahon to talk about the size of your team and goals for improvement.

The skills you will learn

Learning conflict resolution skills to effectively manage conflict is critical to improving the health of our society. You will personally see an increase the value of your personal and professional relationships.

  • Selfcare during conflict
  • Self awareness and manage your emotions
  • How to clarify, assert personal needs
  • Negotiations techniques and practices
  • Active Listen technique and practice
  • Tools and process for conflict management
  • Advanced Problem-Solving techniques
  • Identifying needs, interest and concerns
  • How to create and environment to negotiation
  • How to create a long lasting agreement

Our Expertise and Experience

I have over 20 years of experience developing a deep understanding of people and how we as people interact with each other. I have been a lifelong learner as well as teacher with thousands of hours of instruction. Prior to working with people in conflict I worked small and medium business and organizations in organizational leadership development, sales, marketing, finance and operations. I have worked with both, large and small organizational teams of two to over twenty to increase the skills of the people who matter most to the success of your business. My past clients include Seattle Pacific University, King County and Pierce County Dispute Resolution Centers, West River Capital, LLC, Blakely Management, LLC, CertaPro Painters, Inc. and many more.

  • Certified Mediator in WA state – Resolution WA, Pierce County DRC
  • New Ways for Families – Licensed Mediation Coach
  • Adjunct Graduate Faculty Member – Advanced Strategic Negotiation – Seattle Pacific University
  • Divorced – Single Parent
  • Basic Mediation Training Coach & Trainer
  • Dedicated to daily practice of meditation and mindfulness
Education & Training
Assessment Experience
  • Conflict Personality Assessment – CDP
  • Myers Briggs Personality Type Assessment Tool
  • Big 5 Personality Type Assessment Tool
  • Organizational Culture Assessment
  • 360 Leadership Assessment and Feedback