Learn to communicate more authentically, manage your emotions, create flexible ideas and bring awareness to yourself will help you make the right decisions when going through a divorce or conflict

Conflict coaching is a one-on-one process for helping individuals improve their communication and conflict resolution skills, increase their ability to manage conflict and disputes more effectively.

When you have these skills, you can make more progress in any conflict and increase your ability to resolve emotionally charged conflicts. Employing these skills, you can set an example for your family to follow, paving the way for increased communication, reduce the chances for misunderstanding and overall reduce conflict.

Here’s what you need to know

  • Coaching is all about learning the skills to approach and manage conflicts in a healthy way
  • Coaching is done through a series of focused, short and regular one-on-one conversations with the individual, focusing on:
    • Communication skiills
    • Negotiation techniques
    • Managing emotions and behavior
    • Out-of-court family decision making strategies
  • I am trained and endorsed by the High Conflict Institute and the New Ways for Families organization. I am able to efficiently coach clients through the choices available to them while divorcing or when in interpersonal conflict.

Divorce Coaching or Conflict Coaching might be right for you. Use the form on this page or contact Levi McMahon to find out.