Conflict resolution is most effective when the primary individuals in the conflict have the motivation and the skills to see it through. Increasing communication and conflict resolution skills are essential for restoring disputes and building long healthy relationships. When individuals authentically communicate, so will their children and everyone they will ever know. And everyone they will ever know. And so, for the rest of all time a touch of grace and humanity will be brought everyone by increasing our ability to communicate authentically with one another.

Pre-mediation coaching, conflict coaching and training are services for individuals looking to increase their communication and conflict resolutions skills before, during or after a conflict has begun. Coaching is provided through a series of short, focused one-on-one conversations either online or in person.

Pre-Mediation Coaching

Pre-mediation coaching is for individuals who are involved in a divorce, whether it be a first-step before family mediation, or anyone who is getting divorced and would like increase their knowledge to ensure all parties get the most out of the process. The High Conflict Institute has provided me training and in partnership with New Ways for Families® a license to provide pre-mediation coaching to individuals. Pre-mediation coaching is accomplished with parents in 1-2 coaching sessions prior to mediation, using a pre-mediation workbook and exercises.

Pre-Mediation Coaching Benefits

Pre-mediation coaching is a methodology used to coach individuals through a process of strengthening skills for positive future behavior and long term co-parenting skills. The program give parents an opportunity to learn new skills necessary to put their children first and benefit by:

  • Communicate better
  • Improve co-parenting skills
  • Reducing the impact of conflict on the children
  • Managing their emotions
  • Making decisions out of court
  • Moderating their behaviors
  • Making decisions that are work best for their family
  • Increased co-parenting skills

Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching is for any individual(s) involved in conflict who like increase their communication and conflict resolution skills. Our goal is efficiently and effectively coach clients through their conflict. Individuals working through a significant amount of change benefit from coaching allowing individuals the opportunity to:

  • Learn communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Learn about the conflict resolution choices available to them
  • Understand if mediation is the right choice for their dispute
  • Understand the roles of those involved in conflict resolution
  • Ask any questions about conflict resolution, mediation or divorce

Conflict Coaching Benefits

The goal of conflict coaching is to quickly and measurably improve relationships both at work and at home. With conflict coaching you’ll find:

  • Reduced conflict
  • Reduced stress
  • Increased gratification throughout life
  • Ability authentically communicate
  • Increased communication skills
  • Conflict resolution skills


We offer conflict resolution classes and training to improve communication, negotiation and dispute resolution skills in family businesses and organizations. Whether working with the leader or a whole organization we offer various options to increase the communication and conflict resolution skills of your team. Contact us now to discuss your training needs.