As a professionally certified mediator I serve families and businesses in conflict. I have a diverse background in mediation, conflict resolution, an acute business acumen and 20 years of experience in working with people in times of change. I have extensive professional training and expertise in communication, conflict resolution and business management. I am gifted in helping others resolve conflict through authentic communication, approaching conflict resolution with restorative and humanistic practices to solve the challenges faced in today’s environment. I am passionate about personal development and bringing value to those I serve. I am rewarded by seeing individuals reach their highest level of desired success. My experience ranges from working with individuals, family businesses, sole proprietors and global corporations.

About me and “What’s your flight plan?”

The professionalism and attention to detail that is vital to the work I do is balanced by my love of adventure. Over the past 20 years I have developed a deep understanding of my love of people and how we as people interact with each other. I’ve always been an idealist at heart, a thrill seeker and a free spirit, one who rarely accepts the status quo and typically sees no obstacle too great or problem unsolvable. I believe the old proverb, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” My own life story has included many challenges that, through necessity, have reinforced this true energy within me. I now serve others through their challenges.

I have always been a very driven person, giving the best of my ability to any task. I learned to fly at the same time I learned to drive. Before I graduated from college I had earned multi-engine pilots license in two countries and flew to Tasmania from Australia, landing on coral beaches along the way. This experience is where “Volante” originates: It’s Italian for flight, which combines my personal passion with my love for traveling and adventure.

Before a flight, pilots file a flight plan with the FAA identifying key details: the destination, the desired path, who is in control of the aircraft, and alternate airports if conditions mandate. You are likely in a position where your journey needs a new landing point, and my goal is to help you find it. Mediation and conflict resolution is how we as individuals take control of our life’s destination and find alternate paths during turbulence.

At times it seems difficult to understand the lessons that those who are part of our lives are giving us. Through family mediation and conflict coaching you will see the strength your extended family and network of friends can give you even in tough times.

My passion for flight has never left me, although it was not meant to be my calling in this life. My calling is to help others through turbulent times. I’ll use my experience, training, and personal stories to help you see your way through to clear skies so you can land in a place that brings you happiness and comfort.

Training and Associations

A full CV is available HERE. Mediation records are available upon request.